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The Dog’s Mailbag

E-mail.   I get tons of it.  Most of it is CRAP… um I mean SPAM.  If you post your email address anywhere on the web, there are people who run scanning software which picks up your address and adds it to assorted spam lists.   So, if you decide to post your own web site, you’ll have all the credit card and porn offers you’d EVER want.

On the other hand.  I get a lot of good questions.  Some of which I’ve included here.

  are a few more inquiries that I recently received.

Q:  Are you and the Mad Professor really the same person?
A: No.  Though I wish I had his bankroll!


Q: You and the people who visit your site are SO full of shit!

(O.K. So it’s not really a question, but I thought I'd include it anyway.

A:  I DO question why someone would take the time and energy to e-mail me if they don’t believe in dice influencing.  I guess they’ve got a lot of free time on their hands.  This is one reason I wrote the article, It's Not Up For Debate.  It’s also the reason I rarely post on other message boards or on the rec.gambling.craps newsgroup.  When it comes to precision shooting, if you don’t get it, you don’t get it and there’s no point in trying to convince you.

You’ve said you don’t use backspin while some shooters say they use some backspin while OTHER shooters say they use a lot of backspin.  Which way is best?


There is no one BEST way.  Each shooter will develop their own style. You are correct.  I throw a knuckleball.  The reason I don’t use backspin is that I found it very difficult to impart the same amount of backspin every throw.  This is the inherent problem with throwing with a backspin.  The way most shooters impart backspin is with a “wrist flick”.   It is very difficult to “flick” the dice with the same amount of energy each throw.  If you are going to impart backspin, I would recommend that you grip the dice higher up near the top edge of the dice, and use a big follow through in place of the “wrist flick”.  This way you can keep your wrist stiff.  By removing that additional movement from your throw, you are more likely to have success re-creating the same throw each time.


As far as the amount of backspin, I can only speak to my theory on backspin.   The reason most people use backspin is to stop or slow the forward motion (energy) of the dice as they travel toward the back wall.   The other reason shooters use backspin is as a way to assist with keeping the dice “on axis” .  The problem is if you impart too much backspin, combined with the wrong angle of impact, you may actually be adding energy, causing the dice to JUMP when they land on the table.  If you have a lot of dice scatter when you throw, this is most likely the cause.  (see the Precision Shooter's Dictionary if you don’t know what dice scatter is) Our goal is to impart as little energy as possible on the dice to get them to the end of the table.  The shooters that I’ve seen use a lot of backspin most successfully throw the dice high whereas I, with my knuckleball throw, keep the dice low.

You can see there are several means to an end here and many things having to do with dice influencing, come down to personal choice, trial and error, and practice.

(Note: Keep an eye out for an upcoming roundtable on backspin!)


If you’re such a master of dice setting, why don’t you quit your job and play professionally?

A: I hope I have never given the impression that I’m a “master” of dice setting.  The reason I created the site was to build a community of like minded players to share ideas and techniques.  I still have a lot of room to grow.  Not a week goes by that I don’t learn something about influencing the dice which is why I still enjoy it so much!  As far as the job goes, I’m paid very well for what I do Monday through Friday.  I also get easily burned out in a casino, and generally never spend more than two hours at the tables at any given time.
Q:  Do you play any other casino games other than craps?
A: Rarely.  I’m a mediocre BJ player.  I have lousy luck at slot machines.  Baccarat is really the only other game that intrigues me in the casino.  I just haven’t had the time to really research the game that much.  (I’ve been a bit busy with this web site project I have called dicesetter.com)
Q:  I’ve tried different shooting styles.  I’ve tried yours and Mad Professor’s and have had only limited success.  What gives?

If I tried to shoot like Mad Professor, I’D have limited success… and probably vice-versa.  Each dice influencer needs to find his or her own “uniqueness”.  There is no ONE right way to grip the dice, there is no ONE right way to throw, there is no ONE correct dice set.  On the web site, we share our styles as a jumping off point.  As a new precision shooter, you need to find what is comfortable and works for you as an individual…. And most of all, PRACTICE.

Q:  I’m just starting out with precision shooting. How long will it take to perfect my shooting skills?

PERFECT?  In other words, so that you never seven out?  There is no perfection in precision shooting.  You should aspire to be perfect of course, but it is a constantly evolving skill.  What I think you’re really asking is “How long until I’ll reap some rewards for learning to influence the dice?” and there’s no easy answer for that.  Some site visitors have had success after only a few months of intensive practice.  Other visitors struggle for months.  I would say, on average, with practice, you will reach a good level of consistency after a year.  If you have strong knowledge of the game and good money management skills, you will also reap rewards during that first year.


I hope you’ve enjoyed  a peek into the dog’s email box.  Keep those questions and comments coming!


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