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It’s Not Up For Debate

 If you surf the web, or read newsgroups, you’ve read the following:

“Dice Setting is a bunch of bunk!” 

Actually, that’s putting it more mildly then I’ve generally seen it.  In the case of one particular forum, “Dice Setting is bunk AND it’s cheating!”  (How it can be both escapes logic)  Thread after thread of pro-precision shooters debating with those who don’t believe or won’t consider the idea of dice influencing.  Proponents use their own experiences as evidence, skeptics claim anecdotal evidence is not sufficient.  Proponents use their data as evidence, skeptics claim that the data samples are too small to make inferences.  Both use physics to bolster their claims. On and on it goes and in the end,


Those who deem dice influencing as a possibility will continue to do so.   Those who consider it nonsense, will also continue to do so.  I urge you all to refrain from being lured into this debate.  In nearly every instance, on every message board and newsgroup that I’ve seen this debate, what started as a polite disagreement, ends with name calling and other childish rhetoric.

Remember.  There is no satisfying the skeptics.  Any attempt to do so is futile and a waste of your energy.

On the issue of the legality of dice setting.  First of all, I’m not a lawyer and am not giving legal advice.  With that said, I have yet to find any evidence of anyone being prosecuted for precision shooting.  I exchanged email with an expert on gambling law and to his knowledge, the only prosecutions have been for “sliding” the dice, altering the dice, and introducing different dice into the game. 

Do not be overly reassured by this.  Similar to how casinos view card counters, the casinos are within their rights to ban you from shooting, (or for entering the casino at all) at their discretion.  There is no implied “right” to gamble.

And finally, the moral/ethical issue.  Since I am able to influence the outcome of the dice rolls  to some degree, am I being unfair to those who are not aware of my skills and are on the don’t side, and, ethically, should I care?  Frankly, everyone else at the table to me is irrelevant.  When I shoot, it’s just me against the casino.  Bet with me, bet against me, make money, lose money, it’s entirely up to you.   I don’t really give it a second thought.   I know that if I witnessed someone with a controlled throw and I was on the don’t side, I can tell you that I would start transitioning to the right side VERY quickly. 

So, should I feel inclined to announce to the table, “I’m a precision shooter!” before I throw the dice?  I think not, besides with all the skeptics out there, who’d believe me anyway……


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