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Before The Newbie Begins


My new Dicesetter.com site came with a message forum. From this forum, I receive numerous private messages from players just starting out on their craps journey. The one topic they consistently ask me about is what I feel are the keys to mastering this game. 

While I feel there is no magic "jump start" formula that will always guarantee a win with every session when first starting out, there are a few general key points I share with new players and I find this information helpful when learning the game or when mastering any thing new. My own advice became very helpful when it came to learning the ins and outs of my new web site.

The first piece of advice I share is to "hit the books." The player should, at the very least, acquaint themselves with a sampling of written information on the internet. Honestly, a player can find some great insight here or in books you'll find in the library or bookstore.

There is nothing to re-invent about the game and it is beneficial to read how others have achieved success with the game through their published work. The player will obtain some great ideas and should take notes of how other players achieve their success. Workshops become valuable only after a player has done their book work.

Next, keeping in mind your lifestyle, tolerance for risk, personality, define your goals and what it means for you to win or lose. I cannot stress enough, the importance of writing everything that happens before, during and after the game. Write your objectives and goals from trip to trip to the casino. 

Until we write our plans on paper, the experience is "in the air." Capturing your experience on paper makes your intangible events very tangible. You can then make an honest assessment of your progress, taking a realistic financial and emotional inventory of whether playing this game will really translate into a meaningful, worth while and profitable venture. 

So, keep a personal log of your progress. This will help you define what conditions help and what distractions hinder your progress.

Also, learn and use the language of the game fluently. Our expert advice comes with its own vocabulary and dialect. Even the dealers in the casino have their own secret language. The sooner a player learns the language of the game, the faster he or she will succeed.

There is so much more to add. Still this is what I feel is most important to consider before jumping into this game with both feet. Pursuing this game, like pursuing my new website, requires commitment. So, I am following my own advice when it comes to expanding my horizons with my secured web site.

Follow the above rules when first starting out. Apply whole-hearted effort and you'll be surprised to find yourself to be a self assured, confident player ready to take on the next level of becoming a master dice player.


Soft Touch

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