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A Year With the Dice Coach

“Not Always in the Craps Pits”


As my husband and I sat reflecting on our experiences during this past year, it occurred to me that I’ve spent a whole year pushing the gaming envelope. Throughout the year, Dice Coach and I have constantly encouraged each other to experience new ideas and strategies in Craps play. But that was not our only focus.

Outside the craps pits, we explored other exciting casino games. We encouraged each other to try our hand at these games, and I found myself exposed to the thrill of playing Blackjack, both in regular play and tournament play. He also encouraged me to try Roulette, Poker, and Sports Betting, walking me through some of the finer points of each game.

My husband thought I had the most fun this year with Sports Betting, and he was certainly right. Following my San Antonio Spurs thru the playoffs was a thrill I will not soon forget. This experience brought some of the highest of “highs” and lowest of “lows.” My husband commented that this “wild ride” of experiences had certainly taken some interesting turns. And when he said that, I had to smile………that is just what Dice Coach and I call some of our craps sessions - “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride”.

It was interesting to learn that Dice Coach’s expertise extended beyond the game of craps. How his knowledge of all the casino games, adds to his wisdom in and out of the craps pit. And this is what makes him so unique. He has taught me to expand my gaming horizons, to apply the lessons of discipline and money management to all the casino games. To look for the energies and table flows, whether it is Craps, Blackjack, Roulette or Poker.

This year, I even had a chance at my own fifteen seconds of fame during the A&E shoot. As Dice Coach stated in his release, he had invited me, “Soft Touch”, to the filming to “make things a bit more interesting”. Well, I have to disagree. It was he who made things interesting for me - all year long.

And it was during this year that we met our very good, and enlightened, friend, Michael Vernon. He helped us transition from thinking with our heads, to feeling with our hearts. This brought a whole new dimension and advantage to our gaming.

What a mixture of emotions these twelve months were! Sometimes it was the smallest wins that brought us the greatest joy. Losses held tremendous measured value. We played with acceptable risk, to gain immeasurable experience.

This past year with Dice Coach has certainly been an amazing journey. As Michael V. would say “Here’s to those and them like us, damn few of us left.” Thank you for a fine and exciting year Dice Coach. The dice community is a better place with you in it.


Soft Touch

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