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The CRAT Program

Editor's note 2016: This page was published around 2003. The information is antiquated however, we are leaving the page up as a "museum piece", documenting what once was.

CRAT was designed to provide the enlightened few whom believe that with sufficient practice and dedication to developing the ART of Precision Dice Rolling, you can ultimately produce results that are contrary to theoretical probabilities.

CRAT will allow the interested amateur as well as the dedicated professional the ability to record and accurately analyze and track the practice rolls that you are making, (with the anticipation that the ability/methods you are using during your practice sessions can be duplicated during live play at your favorite local casino).

There are a significant number of variables that (potentially) could effect your roll results - these can be tracked and analyzed via graphs and charts to see what, (if any), signature numbers are present within your data.

You will be able to compare your results from last week, last month etc. to what you are doing today - to determine if, (and where), you are making improvements - or - where you need to expand your abilities.

You will be able to record and modify nine distinct variables that may effect the roll result:

1. How do you feel today / room hot or cold / high humidity / etc.
2. Table position.
3. Type of die grip being used, (you will also be able to define your specific grip - up to a maximum of nine separate entries).
4. Targeted landing area - Corner.
5. Targeted landing area - Center.
6. Pre throw die set, enter the pre set every roll - OR - define up to six pre sets as constants that will be maintained until modified by the user, (or a new session is started).
7. Distance from table wall that die landed.
8. Number of die that hit the table wall.
9. Distance of die roll back from table wall.

During each session, the user can add to or subtract from the above variables after each decision.

For example - the user wants to use pre set A / A for approximately 100 cycles, when the target cycle count is reached, the user would wait for a seven out - then enter a change code, (88), into the default cursor location. This code will bring the initialization variables back to be modified, at which time the user could select pre set A / B and repeat the cycle. - then compare the results.

The following data is assembled from each roll for constant inspection by the user:

1. The best pre set for each point number.
2. Active point number.
3. Point ON / OFF.
4. Pass line WIN - (count plus color display).
5. Pass line LOST - (count plus color display).
6. Last PRE ROLL SET, (in both numerical and AXIS SET format).
7. Last POST ROLL SET, (in both numerical and AXIS SET format).
8. Has a constant pre set been defined and activated by the user.
9. Did die one ROTATE away from pre set.
10. Did die two ROTATE away from pre set.
11. Is pre roll set ENABLED.
12. Is die ROTATE calculation ENABLED.
13. Place bet simulation activated.
14. Place bets WON - (count plus color display).
15. Place bets LOST - (count plus color display).
16. Session - ARBL / SRR : Updated each seven out.
17. RECORD - ARBL / SRR : Updated when/if achieved.
18. Session number.
19. Data base record count.

To download the CRAT program and the users manual, click on the hyperlinks at the bottom of this page and save it to your hard drive. 

You will be downloading a series of Zip files which is compressed and requires a Zip program to open and use the product. Good news most newer computers have this software already installed.

However, if you need a Zip program, we recommend PKZip. To download this program click here and follow the instructions.


Click here to download the CRAT program.


Click here to download chapters 1 through 4 of the users manual.
here to download chapters 5 through 8 of the users manual. 
here to download chapters 9 and 10 of the users manual.
here to download chapters 11 and 12 of the users manual.

Please Note: Make sure you choose "save" and not "open" when downloading files!

Created by PorkChop. If you have questions or comments, please email PorkChop at - email no longer available.

NOTICE: While we believe it to be safe and effective, Dicesetter.com and G.I.F.T., LLC. make no guarantees about this software. Your decision to download, install and use it is strictly at your own risk. We do not offer any support for this free product and reserve the right to remove it from this website at any time.



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