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Change - Are You Ready and Willing?

 A number of years ago my wife ran across a definition of insanity that I just love.  It goes like this: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, again and again,  and expecting different results.  I wonder,  does that mean there are a lot of insane gamblers out there?  Perhaps.

Most of us are resistant to change.  Change requires decisions AND actions.  If we decide we want to lose 10 pounds, it WILL require action ... action that some of are unwilling to take.

We go through life with others making many of our decisions for us.  It starts with parents and teachers and continues with bosses and yes, even spouses.  Tell me you’ve never done anything you didn’t want to do because someone else asked.  We all have!

Change can be painful, if not physically, then mentally.  We resist it and we fight it, sometimes every step of the way.   We like ourselves the way WE ARE and are quick to point out to others that WE don’t need to change.  If people don’t like us the way we are, then tough, get over it!

If we are a bit overweight we can always find someone else to point to that is heavier than we are, or grumpier, or lazier, or _________, you can fill in the blank.  The point is, most of know that there are areas of our life that could use a little overhaul, we’re just reluctant to make the DECISION to make the CHANGE.

So, what the hell does this have to do with precision shooting and craps?  Good question!

Most of us probably envy The Mad Professor and the life style he lives and wish we could emulate him, or at least come close to it.  But are we (you) willing to make the changes necessary, over a period of time, to achieve his kind of results?

I’m not simply talking about spending more time practicing our sets and throwing, but about all of  the other things that go into achieving consistent positive results at the tables.   I believe precision shooting is only part of   it.

How many of us have ever had an alcoholic drink while we were playing?  Count me in the chorus of yeses I hear.  Can I handle my drinking? Yes.  Has it ever cost me at the tables?  Of course it has.    Am I willing to change this to improve my results?  I am, are you?

If you’re like me I used to tell people it didn’t bother me to drink at the tables, “I could handle it.”  Lest you think of me as a “tea totaler.”  My idea of an afternoon snack is a cold beer and some cookies!  Jack Daniel’s and water while playing was enjoyable, relaxing…. and costly.  Violate the rules and pay the price.

Take a look at your past play.  Have you ever played at a table where you were uncomfortable, where you couldn’t shoot from your favorite position, where the person next to you bothered you, where the dealers were unfriendly, the tables too long, too short, or too crowded.  Have you ever stayed at a table too long betting on other random rollers without charting the table first, and ended up losing more than if you’d left?

Have you ever been determined to play only at $5 tables and ended up playing at $10 tables because that was all that was available (open) at the time.

Have you ever played when your energy level was down, when you were tired, uncomfortable, discouraged or angry?

I can answer yes to a lot of them.  Can you?  Do they affect our play?  Of course they do!

Here’s a project for you.  Take a look at your last trip and be honest with yourself.  If you answer yes to any of the above questions perhaps it’s time to make some changes.

Change requires the individual realization that change is required, a plan of action and the actual execution of the plan.  Is it easy?  No!  Is it worth it? Yes!

Make the decision to make any necessary changes today and reap the rewards tomorrow ... insanity is the easy way out ... the way the casinos would like you to stay.

Until next time, remember, any win is better than any loss, any day.


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