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June, 2002

Two guys were having a few drinks at an upscale bar at the top of a towering casino/hotel.  After several drinks one of the guys pulls out a pill box and lays it on the bar, opens it, and picks out one of the small green pills. "Watch this," he says to the other patron as he pops the tiny pill into his mouth.  He then jumps out of the window!  A couple of seconds later he pops back through the window and leans back on the bar. "Let me try that," says the other fellow in amazement. He picks out a pill, swallows, and then out the window, forty floors to the ground, splat! The bartender looks at the man leaning on the bar, shakes his head and says, "You know, Superman, you're mean when you drink!"

You are on a hot, extended roll of the dice. You're in the zone, regressing, pressing, rolling point after point, number after number, you can do no wrong!  You are bulletproof and indestructible!  Those long hours of practice are paying of handsomely. You let your guard down, don't have the dice quite right in your fingers, but throw anyway.  Up jumps the devil! You realize that you should have taken that extra half second on that occasion to grip the dice correctly or focus in on the target area.  Worse yet is that you had a brain fart and forgot to make that regression of your place bets that you normally make.  Does this sound familiar?   I know that this has happened to me several times.  But, now it happens only on rare occasions.  With experience, I've learned to consider a long roll as a red flag to my consciousness.  I know now that I must take even greater care on every toss of an extended roll of the dice, than if it was the first toss.  The pit personnel know this and feel with a little pill called distraction or "heat" they can cause a "crash and burn" with little effort.

Color me up!


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