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Close Encounters of the WHAT Kind?
April, 2002

In the movie, Close Encounters... Richard Dreyfuss was suddenly introduced to the fact that there are lifeforms other than our own in the galaxy, opening up a whole new world of possibilities to him. In much the same way, we as players have happened upon the game of craps. Some have found a new recreational pastime, some have found a cerebral challenge, and some have found greed.

I fall in to the latter category.

At some point, we've probably all had the same thought after playing this game awhile. If we could make the dice come up the way we wanted them to just a little more frequently, the game would be beatable. For me this would mean making a larger profit. After Richard and others witnessed the flying saucers and other types of spacecraft on a starlit evening, the authorities could no longer refute the possibilities of other lifeforms in the universe.  When we stumbled on to dice setting/precision shooting, we discovered that a way existed to control the dice to an extent that we would have a good shot at beating this game. Only practice and a good deal of common sense stood between us and our goal of winning... in my case, leaving the cashier cage with a big grin on my face.

Richard Dreyfuss had another itch that he couldn't scratch. Something kept gnawing and gnawing at him that he just couldn't bring to his consciousness. Something kept urging him to a meeting with destiny. He nearly went nuts trying to figure it out. He molded and sculpted a large mud pile until he finally saw what he was supposed to do... and at the end of the movie, he met with his destiny.

We have a similar itch. We keep molding and honing our skills at precision shooting. What is it we are looking for? Our wives and friends think we've gone over the edge about dice setting. We are forming our game plan and determining the best play for every situation of the game.

Just what is it we are striving to attain with all this study, practice, internet chat, and trips to casinos to try out what we may have learned by molding our pile of mud? I can now tell you what we are striving for. Consistency. That's right, consistency. A foundation of skills and knowledge that allows us to further develop our understanding of the game and allows for continued   improvement.

Consistency of course will alleviate some of the fear in shooting craps, and in doing so, also alleviate some of the thrill but in my case, I'm willing to forego some thrills in order to make more profit.

Color Me Up!


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