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1,000,000 Rolls
May, 2002

The difference between a truck drivers story and a fairy tale is that the fairy tale starts out, "Once upon a time..." but a truck drivers story starts out, "You ain't gonna believe this sh**". Well, you ain't gonna believe this sh**.

There once was a very powerful and generous businessman. He, being in his latter years, decided to do something for mankind in return for his fortunate life.  He summoned the wisest man in the world to a private meeting. "I would like you to condense all of the knowledge in the world in as few books as possible," he said to the wise man. 

Five years later the wise man returned to display his hard work before the magnate. Volumes and volumes of nothing but knowledge were shown to the powerful man. "That's not good enough.  There is no way anyone could read so many books in a lifetime. Please go back to work and condense even further," he asked. 

One year later the wise man returned, cradling the condensed knowledge of the world under both arms. "I'm sorry, but I still don't think this will do. Mankind must have a readily available source for all the knowledge that's in the world.  He shouldn't have to carry around so many books. Go back to work and bring me even a further condensed version," He commanded.

A week went by and the wise man returned with a small book in his hand. The cover was gold colored. The pages were few. "Now that's more like it!" said the smiling mogul. The wisest man in the world handed him the precious book. Ever so gingerly the industrialist opened it. A look of amazement came over his face. The only printing was on the first page of the book. And on that page, one sentence adorned it.  "There's no such thing as a free lunch."

I was playing in one of my favorite casinos in Biloxi.  Having a good day at the tables.   All of the players seemed in good spirits. Even the cocktail waitress was in a good humor.  She must have loosened her push up bra a tad.  I had some pretty lengthy rolls.  Made some good money and colored out.  I left the table and walked around to the ropes that fenced off the pit and waited for a comp for a late dinner.   One of the other pit critters engaged me in conversation.  He finally got around to the point of the conversation.  "I don't know why you bother with setting the dice.  Statistically the dice are going to roll 7's 1/6th of the time in a 1,000,000 throws of the dice anyway," he said.

"I read that somewhere too and I'm sure you're right," I said.  "All I'm doing is putting that 1/6th off for as long as possible, so they’re at the tail end of the 1,000,000 rolls of the dice.  Then I'm going to bet them hopping like crazy."   I think he is still wondering how the math failed him.

Math, it can make you into a leader or make you a slave to it.

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