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Three Meals From Murder
April, 2002

I've seen a lot of rhetoric posted recently from players who don't believe that dice setting/precision shooting actually works.  Their logic generally the form of statements like, "I tried it once, didn't work for me" and "I've seen players set the dice and perform their mechanical throws repeatedly without longer than average hands." 

I could go on and on, but, you know what I mean, you've seen the posts on the different sites.   Some have made up their minds without reading or hearing the logic or science, including the math, supporting the possibility of precision shooting.  All they know is how many times a dice combination should come up over a million throws of the dice.  Others may just not be interested in anything other than gambling as recreation and don't mind taking their chances, like they do on a slot machine.  

Both of these types of players would rather condemn dice setting/precision throwing rather than to admit there is a way to toss the dice with an expected outcome for that toss.  It's easier to just pick up the dice, sling them down the table and hope, than it is to put in long hours of practice, developing a consistent throw to a consistent landing area at the end of the table.  They wouldn't dream of studying and learning the different dice sets that would probably produce consistent dice outcomes or practice enough to find out if certain dice arrangements/sets work best for them.    When a shooter has thrown four or five 7's on the comeout, made five or more passes with numbers in between, then sevens out because of hitting the hand of some idiot trying to get a late bet in on the field, they would say that it could just as well have been a random shooter throwing the dice.

A friend of mine said something rather profound years ago.  He said, "We are all only three meals away from murder."  That sounds kind of bold for today's civilized society.  I suppose that if you are hungry enough, you would resort to barbaristic means for survival.

I wonder, that if given a choice between two craps tables, one full of experienced players who are random shooters, and the other full of experienced players who are dice setters, which table would they choose to play on if their winnings would have to buy groceries for the next week!

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