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Are You Better Than You Think?
September, 2002

Again, I was playing in one of my favorite casinos in Biloxi. The table was doing nothing special, chop at best. I was in the worst position at the table for me to shoot, the boxman's left, in the hook. I figured the way the dice were rolling that I would be able to move to a better position in no time. It was getting late for most of the craps-as-entertainment types and I figured they would soon be leaving. A pretty young thing was at stick right and was being coached by the stickman because she was just learning to play. I was familiar with all the dealers on the shift, familiar with them enough that we could insult each other in fun, if you know what I mean.

The dice came to me before anyone left, so I had to shoot from there. I was so far around the hook that I had to move the puck out of the way to set the dice in front of me. I decided to just quick-set the dice, with no ones facing me. I gripped with a deep, three finger and thumb all the way down the dice to the table grip. I tossed with a high, slow tumbling arc diagonally across the table, using the Big 6 and 8 as a target. I established a point. I noticed a heavy hitter placing a lot of green chips on the DP line right next to the target area. The next toss caught the pile of green chips and a Yo was the result. The next toss was another Yo. Before I threw again I muttered, " Bet the Yo," looking at the young lady being coached.  Then I threw the point. Two Yo's on the next come-out and it seemed like every other toss came up Yo with back to back Yo's on several occasions in between points and on come-outs. Needless to say I had converted the darkside player several points before. As I was shooting I remember the young lady squealing when I would throw a Yo. Come to find out she had taken my muttered advice and bet a dollar on the Yo on every toss of the dice, including come-outs, for the thirty minutes that I had held the dice. "You're unbelievable! ", she said with a squealing moan. "That's the usual comment I get from a woman", I said with a poker face. All of the crew in unison dropped their heads, shaking them as if to say, " No, he didn't say that! ". She bounced all the way to the cashiers cage with the most money she had won at anything. I hadn't done to bad myself.

How unbelievable are you? You've spent countless hours at the practice table perfecting your throw. Months of practicing with different sets. Nearly every toss carefully choreographed. Finger and thumb position checked. Stance at the table checked, and so on. You might want to try this. Step up to your practice rig, arrange the dice to your favorite set quickly. As soon as the faces of the dice appear in correct set, immediately grip and throw the dice a split second after looking up the table. Do this "Rapid Fire" until you throw a seven. This is one way of testing your muscle memory as well as how ingrained your toss is mentally. I think you should be pleasantly surprised if you have been practicing seriously. Maybe you are your own worst enemy when you spend so much time before you toss the dice in a casino. You may be better than you realize. It's almost "UNBELIEVABLE".

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