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All I Need Is Your John Hancock…
by Irishsetter

One of my favorite sayings is "Sometimes it all adds up to a blinding flash of the obvious." (That, and "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups." but that's a different article altogether.)  Looking at my practice data and the numbers I’ve thrown at the tables, it takes no genius to figure out what my signature numbers are.  In a huge way, they are 5 and 9 and to a slightly smaller degree 6.  I throw the 5,9 and 6 at a rate of anywhere from 10 to 40 percent above their expected appearance rate. 

 Knowing this, I have developed a betting pattern to both maximize potential profits while at the same time minimizing risk.  With only 3 REAL signature numbers, there is no reason to place any other numbers until I have banked some profit.  At that time, and that time only do I begin to spread and press my wagers.   Knowing my signature numbers, combined with my betting strategy, I need only to hit any of my numbers twice to be at a breakeven point for a hand.  At which point, I will regress my bets until I make my pass or hit my numbers a few more times.

It’s almost inevitable that the dealer will ask “Don’t you want to place the 8 too?”  I always decline.   There was one dealer who was particularly insistent that I should place the 8. So, I placed a wager for the dealers on the 8 then went on a tear of five or six throws of only the 5,6 and 9 then made my pass. 

 After which, the dealer graciously apologized for his meddling.    So, once the next point was established I placed the 9 for dealers, which I hit on my first throw.  Before finally sevening out two passes later, I also hit a two way parlay on the hard 4 for a nice little score for them (and me!)  As a side note, that place bet for the dealers on the 8 never hit and went down when I sevened out.

Don’t get me wrong, being disciplined can be difficult.  After come out, I’ve thrown the 4 three times straight.  The come bettors are elated.  The dealers are goading me to place the 4.  If I haven’t had any hits on my signature series of numbers, I do not allow myself to be lured into wagers I would not normally make.  It’s not because I’m ultra rigid.  If I’m not throwing MY numbers, then in all likelihood, I haven’t found my range on this particular table or for this particular hand.  If that’s the case, then I want to maintain a risk adverse strategy until I find my rhythm and bank some profit.

Maybe it’s my nature to be conservative, or maybe I’m still developing my skills as a precision shooter, but I’m not yet to the point that I will wager as aggressively as the Mad Professor, or with the nuance that Heavy displays.  Regardless, I’m free from the casino’s advantage when I’m shooting and you can put your John Hancock on that!


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