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The "Missing" Tape – The Article

After posting a thread on the message board on The "Missing" Tape, I received several emails requesting that I elaborate further on the topic.  Ask and ye shall receive!

All the speakers at the September 20th dice control seminar in Las Vegas were recorded. You’ll notice that my segment is NOT available in the package of audio tapes now available for sale. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not much of a public speaker, though I seriously doubt that's the reason it was not included.  You may draw your own conclusions as to WHY my tape is “missing” after reading this.  The statements in quotes (and in blue) are from the dice control seminar.  My elaborating comments follow.

“There are different philosophies (represented) in this room. Until you explore different philosophies you will not be able to find (the right philosophy) for you.”

This topic is particularly near and dear to me.  In the past two years I have seen many good shooters, employing a myriad of different shooting philosophies.  To believe (and market) that one shooting style or philosophy is superior to another is either na´ve or out-and-out propaganda.  The key to dice influencing success is rooted in practice.  Choose a grip, throw and set that you’re comfortable with, practice like mad, and then continue to practice, and you will have success.

“Learning this skill will require some money…books, dice etc. But, do as much as you can for free.”

Most people would say “Duh!” to this statement, but in some circles, making dice influencing information available for free constitutes some sort of cardinal sin.  Yes, I teach seminars that have a fee associated with them, but nearly everything taught at these seminars is available for free on my site. 

The reason I give these seminars, and the reason people pay to attend them, is for the hands on training the shooter receives.  Are the seminars necessary to become a skilled shooter?  Absolutely not.  I taught myself, my pal Heavy taught himself.  Are seminars helpful?  Most surely, especially if you want to shorten the learning curve.  However, if you are willing to put the time, energy and practice toward learning dice influencing, you can do so with very little expense.

“Through the dice influencing community, you are able to learn by doing, by discovering, by sharing. The more you share information with others, the more you’ll learn about yourself, and the more successful you’ll be.”

The web is an excellent tool for furthering your knowledge about different dice influencing principles and philosophies.  In addition to dicesetter.com, there are several different websites and forums where shooters exchange tips, information and ideas on our art form. 

Every level of precision shooter, from novice to journeyman can learn, discover and share their knowledge on these sites.  By sharing your knowledge, you will gain insight into your own ability, and in doing so you will have more satisfying (emotionally and financially) dice influencing experiences.   The only thing more rewarding than having success at the tables yourself is when someone you’ve helped has success at the tables.

“There is no absolute truth in dice influencing, there is no one set, one grip, one throw… that is ‘the best..’ The best set, grip and throw is the one that works for you.”

Again, Duh!  Saying there’s a best set or grip or throwing technique is like saying there’s a ‘best’ way to throw a curve ball.  And just because I can throw a curve ball using a particular technique, does not mean that you would have similar success using it.  Dice influencing is about discovery, not dogma.  The discovery process is important to realizing your potential as a shooter.  If you’re limiting yourself to a single philosophy, you’re limiting the likelihood of future success.

“Embrace your similarities, celebrate your differences!   There’s enough room for everyone in the dice influencing community.”

I truly believe this, as do those who I associate with, but sadly there is a minority segment of our community that does not share this opinion.

“What works for me will not necessarily work for you. Do not make this more complicated than it is. There are six sets, 1152 possibilities in how you can adjust those sets, don’t get too hunkered down in the ridiculous. “


“Practice. (Dice Influencing) is not that hard, GRIP, THROW, CONCENTRATE….practice.”


“You can have the most beautiful throw in the world, if you don’t practice it, the next time you hit the casino, you’ll wonder where it went.”

Find a throw that’s comfortable for you and practice it, then practice some more.  If you can keep the dice on axis, you’ll have success.  If you practice your mechanics, can replicate it in the casino, you’ll be successful.   Everything else is somewhat superfluous.   I don’t think dice influencing is hard.   It takes practice and patience, and an open mind helps, but it’s not hard.  Predicting glacial motion, now THAT'S hard!

“At some point you have to abandon what doesn’t work.”

You’d think that this is obvious, but I’ve spoken to many shooters who, despite having limited success with they’re current approach to shooting, refuse to change.  For whatever reason, they cling to the hope that they’ll succeed someday.  Most of the time I can watch them shoot and it is apparent that their current throwing technique is the equivalent of trying to put a square peg in a round hole.   Every shooter has to find what works for them….their ‘uniqueness.’  If they don’t, I believe success at the tables will be elusive.

Well, that’s my segment of the seminar in a nutshell.   Feel free to email me with your questions or comments!


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