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That What You Fear The Most...

Could Meet You Half Way
(The title of this article is taken from a Pearl Jam song recorded several years ago,  written by Victoria Williams.)

 “If I can just NOT throw a seven on THIS roll……”

”Just two more hits and I’ll be even…. Come on, two hits…please…”

“I KNEW the next roll was going to be a seven!”

Have you ever wondered why when you can least afford a seven out, THAT’S when it appears?  Why is that?  Certainly there’s no reason mathematically it should be so.

As always, I have an opinion on the subject….

In dice influencing, once you have your head firmly around the physical aspect of the controlled throw, the mechanics, it becomes largely a mental battle.  A battle you wage with yourself.

When things are going well, and you’re flush with cash, you’re in a relaxed state of mind.  When you’re relaxed, your body will do as you’ve trained it to in practice.  Success begets success, or so it seems. However, if things aren’t going well, a few short hands back to back, or maybe you’re nearing your loss limit, or perhaps you’re betting a bit heavier than your comfort level, fear sneaks in.

Fear, in my opinion, is the second largest contributor to UNSUCCESSFUL dice influencing. (Second only to booze, lack of discipline comes in a close 3rd)  If your mind is fearful, there is natural effect in the body.  The effect may materialize in different manners.  Perhaps you’ll  physically tighten up, clenching various muscles.  Maybe you’ll get distracted from the task at hand, trying to figure out how you’ll explain the loss to your spouse/significant other.  Your fear may even reveal itself as frustration with other players and dealers.

Regardless of how fear affects you, it DOES affect you.  Quite simply, if you are shooting, and you actually fear the appearance of the seven, you have no business being at the table because that fear will take it's toll on your proper throwing mechanics.  It's a vicious circle.  Until you come to terms with the fact that the seven is inevitable, the seven is neither friend nor foe, it just is,  it will indeed meet you half way.

So, how do you combat fear?  If I made a list, it would be dozens of entries long.  But here are three to start with.

Play within your means:

You’ve heard it a hundred times.  It’s common sense and nearly a proverb, yet every day gamblers risk more than they can afford or more than they’re comfortable with in an effort to “catch up.”

Accept all possible outcomes:

This is a philosophy derived from The Way of the Warrior Trader, by Richard D. McCall   No matter what your SRR, you will throw the seven SOME percentage of the time.  It is part of the equation of what we do.  The seven is neither due, nor should it be UNEXPECTED.  The seven out is inevitable, and to curse the appearance of the seven gives it power and if you give it power, then you have reason to fear it.

Practice your skill, and have confidence in it when applying it at the tables:

Shoot the dice with assurance and be certain that you are committed in mind and body to EVERY throw.   If you’re not confident that you have a measured influence over the dice, you probably shouldn’t be at the tables.

As I said, the list could be significantly longer, but the three things above are a good start.  

The Crap Between Your Ears,” as Heavy calls it, will contribute to the downfall of a dice influencer just as much as lack of bankroll and discipline, booze or inadequate practice.  If you’re allowing fear to visit you at the tables, then you’re meeting the seven out half way.


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