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Here's a little visual examination.  Look at the image below and follow the instructions at the bottom.

instinct.jpg (22404 bytes)

 So what's the point of this little test?   The image above is playing a little trick on your brain.  Your eyes THINK they see black/gray dots in the periphery, but when they focus on where the black dots were, the dots are actually white.  That's what instinct can do to you too. 

There was a thread on a message board of another site about instinct.  The general consensus was that following your instincts is a bad thing at the craps table.  I believe that NOT to be true, necessarily.  The problem is often players misinterpret instinct.   Sometimes a player will want an event to happen so badly, that he/she will convince him/her self that it is indeed going to happen and call it instinct.

"Here comes the hard 4! I can feel it!" 

Just like with the picture above, your brain is being tricked.  If there had been a trend that the hard four was indeed showing frequently, then the player's instincts might be correct but we cannot wish an event at the tables to be so.

On the other hand, some instincts will serve you well.  How many times have you walked up to the table, and intuitively KNEW the table was cold, but still plopped down a pass line bet?  How soon did the seven out occur?

"I knew that was gonna happen!"

Your instincts were correct, but you didn't listen to them.

So how do you know when to listen to your instincts and when NOT to listen?  Good question.  I can only give my humble opinion.  First of all, as the saying goes;

Know Thy Self

If you have a record of deceiving yourself at the tables, then it is probably not advisable to play by instinct at all.  On the other hand, if your track record is one where your instincts are generally correct, then of course you should trust them.

Are Your Eyes Deceiving You?

The human mind often creates patterns, even when no pattern exists.  Are your eyes REALLY seeing and is your brain REALLY comprehending what is ACTUALLY occurring at the table?   Are you fooling yourself or are your instincts true?  (This is just another reason that booze is to be avoided while playing)

Sharp instincts, combined with a keen sense of trends can be a powerful tool.  Poor instincts will lead you to make poor decisions at the table.  Isn't it funny how it sometimes adds up to a blinding flash of the obvious?

To follow your instincts or not is a personal decision... One which requires that you BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF.  If you have a tendency to see things at the craps table that don't actually exist, (like in the picture above) then rely only on your knowledge and good judgment, and leave instincts to the animal kingdom.

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