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Stop, Drop, and Roll!

As a child, you were taught to Stop, Drop, and Roll to save yourself if you ever found yourself on fire.   As a craps player, the same theory still holds true in regards to saving your bankroll if the level of casino heat gets too high.

If you have been reading the message board recently, you've seen a lot of discussion about casino heat.  This article will not address the CAUSE of the increased level of heat for precision shooters, but what to do if the pit is applying heat while you're shooting. 

Some heat is subtle.  Things like changing the stick person, or the boxman requesting a chip refill in the middle of a long hand are common.  Other forms of subtle heat may include the stick person "short-sticking" the dice or applying the "dealer lean".  All of these subtle forms of heat are tolerable and to some degree, expected.
(If you're not familiar with these terms, check out the
Precision Shooter's Dictionary )

On the other hand, if the crew begins to get verbally abusive, or physically tries to alter your throw, it's time to STOP, DROP, and ROLL.


Like it or not, even if you're in the middle of a monstrous hand.  Your session is over.  No ifs ands or buts!


Take down all of your non-contract bets, including any odds on your pass line bet.  When, the dice are passed to you. Pick them up, look at the stick person, return them to the felt and say something like,

"It's getting a little too hot in this place, I'd like to pass the dice."

If you've been having a really good hand, the other players at the table are going to raise holy hell, believe me.


Call for color.   If you have colleagues at the table, make sure THEY call for color!  Now, while you're being colored up, stand and wait for the outcome of your contract bet.   DO NOT LEAVE IT AS A SLEEPER BET! 

If the pass is made, you have a multitude of options depending on your personality.  You could leave quietly with little fanfare or you can leave with a gesture like tipping the waitress with the wager and winnings from that last bet or something along those lines.  If the contract bet loses, walk away.  Either way, it's time to ROLL to a new casino.

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