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Heavy's Got Mail!

Here's an e-mail I received from one of our "fans" I've been in touch with.  She went to Shreveport this past week and had a pretty good run.  Overall – I calculate her sevens to rolls ratio at around 7-1, just a little better than average.  But she had a couple of great rolls that provided some substantial winnings.  But the thing I really liked about what she wrote concerns how she tests her roll and practices the dead cat bounce.

Fri, 3 Aug 2001 12:59:17 EDT xxxxxxxxx@aol.com wrote:

Heavy---I did go to Shreveport Tuesday and Wednesday.  I had rolls of 32, 15, and two rolls of 12 numbers.  Five rolls of 8 and eight of 6 or less.  Ouch - That last set killed me, but if it's any consolation, when I did seven out - 75 percent of the time it was a 6/1. After the roll of 32 the pit boss did say that it was the best shootin' he had seen in a week.  That made me feel good.  Made another fellow feel good also.  He made about 5000 on that roll.  He had been making a lot on the numbers and then he threw 50 on the hard 4 and another $10 for me.  I changed to the mini v's and guess what came up?  I was amazed and still am. 

I had been practicing my throwing from about 8 feet (just right of stick I figured), the first table I visited, the ends were the only thing open.  I remember staring down at the other end thinking to myself "this is the longest frickin' table in the whole world."  After I threw, I stepped off the table (15 feet) then went upstairs to my room and practiced from 15 feet.  But I never threw from that far again.  I was always right or 2nd right of stick. I was told many times to hit the back wall, or both dice must hit.   I was also trying different releases and grips, aiming for different spots.  This is all new to me so I have a lot of trial and error to perform before I'll settle on what I feel is best for me. 

I have incorporated something new in my practices though.  Most of you talk about your preference being the cat drop.  My tosses have more of a topspin tumble, nice and smooth and gentle tapping the back bumpers.  But I found that unless my fingers are absolutely dry they will stick to the dice and I lose a lot of control of the topspin and dice direction.  So when I did the cat drop method, other that seeing the results, I couldn't tell what numbers were up when the dice hit.  So I got a pan and filled it with flour.  Now when I throw, the dice sink into the flour or I can re-track their tumble to find what numbers were up when the dice hit - and if the dice held their proper axis. Anywho - I need to practice more. With more practice I figure I can only have better control of the set, the grip, the release, and the landing, which hopefully will have the stick announcing "seven out" a little less often.  It will probably be late September or early October before I have a chance to go back. 

Good luck and skill at your sessions.


This gentleman's first e-mail to me began with, "Is there really anything to this dice control stuff."  We swapped ideas over the internet the next few weeks - some of which he accepted, and some of which he took with a grain of salt.  For the most part, we talked about combining controlled rolling with a conservative, hit-and-run session strategy.  Here's how his first "post-Heavy" gambling trip went:
                               -- Heavy

On Sun, 5 Aug 2001 14:36:11 -0600   xxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com wrote:

Hey Heavy:

I am happy to report the gambling gods were smiling on us in Vegas this past weekend.  After 2 1/2 days and at least 20 craps sessions, my son had a net win of $ 1417 and the old man came away $ 3,080 to the good.  Most of our winnings came from Paris and Bally's however the Aladdin (tableC-10 by the way) and The Four Queens downtown also contributed.  We never made a single "don't" bet the entire time and hit em for smallish wins of $3-400 per session.  Biggest win was at Paris for $ 900.  I could not have written a script that matched the reality of this trip. Base wagers were $ 10 on the pass line with maximum odds (3-4 & 5x).

Numerous place bets of $ 30 to $ 60 on the 6 & 8 which rewarded us handsomely.  My son on the other hand was wagering odds of $ 25-30 on the 6& 8, $ 20 on the 5 & 9 and $ 10-15 on the 4 & 10, hence the smaller win number for him. We of course had a few losing sessions, but not very many.  I threw caution to the wind on the come out rolls but after a point, reverted to the crossed sixes method which yielded an alarming number of 6's & 8's.Everything seemed to be falling our way and with each toke of the dealer, the better the dice seemed to roll...After hundreds of rolls, when the 5 & 4 were on top a number of 7's were produced.  Too dumb or not enough patience to try this on the come out rolls. The Four Queens is an unusual place. While on a good roll, the stick shoved the dice out VERY quickly in an attempt to slow our pressing of the odds. I don't trust this place for some reason and I can't ever remember losing on their dice tables.  Maybe it's just me. Later

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