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A Win is a Win!!! 



  Question: How do you recommend I manage my buy in?

Answer: When buying in, split your Buy-In in two. Most tables have two slots or racks in front of each player. Put of your Buy-In in the front rack and in the back rack. Play only off the front rack, placing your wins in the back rack. If you lose the chips in your front rack, color up and leave the table.

Never lose more than your Buy-In in any session!

When you win 50% of your Buy-In, lock up your winnings and continue to play the balance.

For example:
Buy-In $200.00
Win $ 60.00
Lock up your $200.00 buy-in and $30.00 of your win.
Continue to play with the other $30.00. As you win, lock up all profits and leave the game a winner.

Say your Win is $20.00 on a $200.00 Buy-In. That is a 10% profit and those 10% profits can add up over the course of several sessions.

I try to shoot for a 20-25% win over my Buy-In for each of my sessions.

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