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  Do Precision Shooters ever lose?


  Question: Do Precision Shooters ever lose?

Answer: Absolutely! On any given day we can be "off" our game. Do we talk about it? Unfortunately, our "egos" often get in the way of reality and we tend to overlook a very important tool that will ultimately benefit our play.

You have to step back from a loss and ask yourself- "What was different today?", "What broke my focus?", "Why did this loss occur?" Analyze your loss, recognize the elements that contributed to that loss, and adjust your play.

You will benefit from the experience. The saying - "education is always expensive", is especially true in Craps. If you have a loss, don't ignore it or refuse to examine it. Learn from it and adjust your play to compensate for those elements that created that loss.

Every session that you have at the Craps table is a learning session. Study both your wins and your losses. Everything that you learn at each session, will make you a better and more consistent player. Always turn a negative situation into a positive one, it will ultimately reflect in you growing bankroll.


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