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  Betting on Students


  Question: In your "One-on-One" classes, you take the student to the casino for live sessions. Do you Buy-In with your own money and do you bet on the Student?

Answer: My "One-on-One" classes start in the "Dice Pit" and generally last about 1- 1 hours. We discuss the student's knowledge, his/her skills and previous betting strategies. We do a warm-up session on the table to see how our dice are working for that particular day and work on any corrections that need to be made to the students grip or throw. From there we go to the casino(s). The students buys-in depending on their bankroll and comfort zone. I will also buy-in at my own bankroll and comfort level.

Yes, I will bet on the student, but only after I have qualified him/her as a shooter. This should be a rule of thumb for each and every better, whether you are playing with a student or another seasoned player. Everyone has their "off days", even me. And I would expect my student and any other players at the table to qualify me as well.

What constitutes a "qualification"?  Knowing the dice sets and grips, I will watch the shooter for 1-3 rolls, checking the numbers that come up on his/her specific set. If I see that the shooter's dice are "on axis" and that he/she is hitting primary numbers, I will bet on that shooter.

If I see that the dice are not "on axis" or that craps numbers are being thrown, it is time to take a break and discuss the problem.

Always "qualify" your shooter!

"The Dice Coach" 


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