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Dice Control

by Jerry Patterson - used with permission

Is it possible to get an edge over the casino - an actual measurable statistical advantage? Let’s start with craps and dice control.

Using Dice Control and/or betting on another shooter with Dice Control skills, the advantage is achievable and measurable. Get out a pair of dice and hold them in your hands. Do that now and then come back here and continue reading (if you don’t have a pair, I suggest picking one up from the drugstore or casino next time you go).


"Put the two fives on top with the 1s pointing to the left."



Put the two fives on top with the 1s pointing to the left. Now look on the inside faces - open up the two fives. What do you see? A six on the left die and a one on the right die - the seven. Now look at the two outside faces - the left face and the right face. You see the other 1 and the other six - another seven. In setting the dice in this way, we are putting two of the sevens out of the way - one on the inside and one on the outside. I know, I know, they may not stay there as the dice fly through the air, but as you learn to control the dice and keep them more or less together through their orbit, the chances of these two sevens coming up are minimized. Not eliminated, but minimized.

In Chapter 11 of Casino Gambling , we developed the calculations for deriving the player advantage. And we showed that just one controlled throw out of every 43 rolls of the dice would eliminate the house edge and yield a break-even game. So, it’s not that difficult to attain an advantage. The set I showed you above we call the hard way set because the pairs show on all four sides: 5,5; 4,4; 3,3; and 2,2. This is a good set to use when you get some experience in executing the controlled throw, but not when you are first starting out as a rhythm roller. Use the Quick Set shown on page 130.


"The dealer will never push the dice back to you with a seven on top."



If you don’t have the book, here is what to remember: the dealer will never push the dice back to you with a seven on top - this is considered extremely impolite and is just never done. But the dice may come back to you with a seven on the side. Notice this when the stick man pushes the dice back to you prior to your throw. If you see the seven on the side, simply rotate either die a quarter turn to take off the seven. That’s all. Try it now with your two die - set a one and six on the side with a 3 and 2 on top. Rotate the right die a quarter turn to take off the seven. What do you see? You should see a 3, 1 on top and a 1, 2 facing you - the seven is gone and the chances of throwing a losing seven thereby minimized.

To summarize, the first lesson in advantage craps is setting the dice, or at least understanding how the set affects the outcome. Do you need to set the dice to gain an advantage? No you don’t. But setting will achieve the highest advantage possible.

Jerry Patterson's PARR Course:

If you are really serious about learning precision shooting, then you might want to consider Jerry Patterson's PARR course.  The PARR course is comprehensive and is not inexpensive.   If you're commited to learning dice influencing, the PARR course will get you there fast.  This course has a newsletter, phone support, a hands on class in Vegas or Atlantic City and much more. (including an unconditional money back guarantee).   I've gone through the PARR training and this is a robust program.  The materials are rich in information, include a gorgeous videotape, and the 2 day classroom portion of the course walks you step by step through the 5 linchpins of dice control.   Once you've acquired the physical skills, the "Zone" training teaches you how to mentally step up to the table to be a formidable craps player.  This is a killer course.

You will also find his book as well as many others listed here on this site.

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